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This contest is now open for entries. Contest closes on the 20th October 2017. The Labour Film Festival International Contest 2017’s main objective is to promote creativity and support the production of audiovisual works whose content is about the world of work and the workers. Workers are of special interest, alongside the social context of their […]

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Robert Fullerton is a force. Welder turned poet or poet turned welder, it doesn’t much matter in this evocation of his life and philosophy, his poems and the books that helped make him a mesmerizing face of his art. “There she sits, majestic / He stands by engineering” begins his first poem in the film, […]

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With a directing history of more than fifty films, it is difficult to even begin to acknowledge Ken Loach’s contribution to the working and oppressed classes. His latest film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’,

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The number of refugees, often smuggled across borders, throughout the European Union are now part of our daily news. But how do the refugees make it across forbidden borders through often hostile and unforgiving terrain? While many refugee stories have been told, we rarely hear about the people who actually do the smuggling.

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Burn is a feature documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead. Burn follows the crew of Engine Company 50: one of the busiest firehouses in America. Located on Detroit’s blighted east side, E50 stands […]

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The title of this immersion in the anarchistic and often self-defeating work life of Larry, played by Jason Schwartzman, seems to be based on a Chinese children’s fable, ‘5 Chinese Brothers’, in which the brothers save one of their number by confounding an executioner with their super-human powers. But no one can save Larry, especially […]


The financial thriller, Le Capital by the Greek-French film director Costa Gavras takes an unflinching look at the world of greed and high finance. It follows the story of an executive Marc Tourneuil (Gad Elmaleh) who becomes the CEO of a large bank, only to upset the bank’s board of directors when he begins to […]