October 31, 2017

Due to on-going dispute at Picturehouse with the union BECTU, it has become necessary to cancel our events in LIVERPOOL at Picturehouse FACT scheduled for this week and next. We have been aware of the London issue with the CINEWORLD CHAIN for some time and have intentionally avoided Picturehouse Cinemas, however, it has now become apparent that in using the Liverpool venue we would be endorsing Picturehouse by proxy, which we would not want to be seen to do.

We have taken this position to support BECTU members. As a festival with a focus on workers, with a festival of films made by workers in the film industry, this is an important position to take. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience but hope that you will stand by us in our decision and continue to support the festival in the future.

We will still be holding our event at the CASA on Saturday 4th November 11-5pm, you can get tickets here:…

These decisions are not taken lightly, a lot of work, expense, time and energy has gone into making this festival a success and we would not wish to jeopardise the future of our festivals reputation by being seen to work contrary to our union brothers and sisters.
We would like to take this opportunity to ask the Picturehouse to work with BECTU to resolve the issues forthwith.

Anna Burton
North West Film Festival Director