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The North West Labour film Festival celebrates national and international cinema on the big screen. We aim to provide quality entertainment with social awareness, offering a bright and sensitive look at the world of work.

Our festival seeks to encourage creativity and support the dissemination of audiovisual works that contain stories about work and workers, giving importance to their point of view of the world and to social issues affecting their daily lives, those of their families and the communities to which they belong.

We recognise the importance of supporting new filmmakers as well as improving knowledge and understanding of social and labour issues, reaching out to a wide and diverse public with our message.

Our Labour Film Festivals are supported by the TUC and the trade union movement in the UK including our main sponsors Unite and Unison.

Labour Film festival International Contest 2017

Our 2017 festival will have an engaging new format that is built on an impressive shorts and feature length film contest. This is open for entries (closing dates for entries is the 20th October 2017). Read more.

If you register for festival updates, we’ll let you know when we have released the full programme and how to book tickets. In addition to the contest, we’ll also be offering various talks and workshops and a series of themed films.

To find out more about the contest follow this link.

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Anna Burton Festival Director

Glen Williams Festival Co-ordinator

To get in touch: info@northwestlabourfilmfest.com