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The North West Labour Film Festival 2017 celebrates national and international cinema on the big screen from Saturday 4th November through to Thursday 9th November in Liverpool. We provide quality entertainment with social awareness, offering a bright and sensitive look at the world of work.

Our Labour Film Festivals are supported by the TUC and the trade union movement in the UK including our main sponsors Unite and Unison.

Our festival encourages creativity and supports the dissemination of audiovisual works that contain stories about work and workers, giving importance to their point of view of the world and to social issues affecting their daily lives, those of their families and the communities to which they belong.


Our 2017 festival will have an engaging new format that is built around an impressive shorts and feature length film contest. You can view the shortlisted films between 11:00-17:00 on Saturday 4th November at the Casa (Hope street). This venue, an old dockers pub, was born out of one of the longest and most heroic industrial struggles of the modern era.  After the films, you can join us for a complimentary drinks reception at 17:00. FREE EVENT. BOOK TICKETS.

To find out me about the contest follow this link.


Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin will be screening on 13:00 Sunday 5th November with special guests. Potemkin is about the militant sailors of the ship Potemkin who foreshadow the Bolshevik Revolution by mutinying against their officers. They are welcomed by the people of Odessa (on the Black Sea) who are then attacked on the Odessa Steps in what is one of the most famous montage sequences in all of cinema — the Odessa Steps sequence. Join us for this and to remember one hundred years since the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917.

Our second film will be 7 days in January on Wednesday 8th November 18:30. Directed by Juan Antonio Bardem. The film is about a group of left-wing lawyers who are killed in cold blood, fighting Franco’s fascist regime Q&A with award-winning author of the Spanish Civil War, Paul Preston.

We’ll be closing our festival on Thursday, November 9th with Metropolis 18:30. Metropolis, a German film is not surprisingly more accommodationist on the class struggle…the workers of the underground city revolt against their master overlord capitalist and are brutally put down by the capitalist leader. His son in the meantime has fallen in love with the people’ heroine, Maria, and he finds a way with Maria to bring the workers and his capitalist father together. Metropolis has at least three classic sequences—the march of the depressed workers, the transformation of an android into a false sexy Maria to trick the workers, and the transformation of the machine into Moloch (capital goods into satanic engines). Join us to celebrate the films 90th anniversary with special guests.

Join us for a film revolution!

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Anna Burton Festival Director

Glen Williams Festival Co-ordinator

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